When you first meet Interior Designer Judy de Villiers, you will notice her intent focus on you. It is the Designer in her that is mastering the art of understanding her client so that she can interpret the functionality of your space. She wants to breathe life and form and function into it. Trust her with this space and she will transform it until it oozes luxury and comfort through textured layers and colours that so perfectly compliment the room.

Judy lives the fundamental principles that her business is built on: she is honest, uncomplicated, simplistic and practical. She is a planner and she achieves balance and inspiration through reading and traveling. She doesn’t advocate a set style, but rather she is led by the sentiments of her client. She boldly follows a format which is guided by balance, harmony, clean lines and elegance. She enjoys mixing the old with the new, the bold with the understated, to achieve that perfect harmonious balance.

Judy has twenty years of experience in the design industry, five of these studying Interior Design. She certainly has reason to demand such respect from her affluent client base. She is understated about the awards and achievements she has accumulated along the way, but these reinforce her dedication and precision when approaching a new project. She also knows what she wants and doesn’t feel the pressure to conform to latest industry trends. She is confident of her unique approach, yet unintimidating. This must be why her clients are drawn to her. Whether in the heart of the city or in a sleepy country town, her spaces offer a comforting retreat for the high-end market. You need only to glance at Judy’s work to see that there is a clear distinction between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer: a designer can decorate, but a Decorator does not design.

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Instagram: jdv.interior.designers

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