Collaboration forms the heart of Judy de Villiers’s interior design philosophy. The namesake of JDV Interior Designers enjoys working closely and individually with each client to achieve their desired outcomes. “I like to hear all about the client in depth: how they live, where they travel to, what they like to do. I find this is crucial

to ensure that I am designing according to their specific needs and that the space is a true representation of who they are. It is critical to JDV that every client knows their opinion is extremely important to the project. We know that each person is different, and therefore we adapt to their specific needs and taste.” Ultimately, whether the project is residential, commercial or corporate, the feelings invoked will always be the same for all who enter. “JDV designs luxury interiors. With every completed project the space is well balanced, new and exciting. Walking into the room, we want the client to escape into another world for a moment.” Always on trend, but never led by them, De Villiers’s work is timeless in its appeal. She has developed a reputation for creating sophisticated spaces characterised by clean lines and structure. “To me, good interior design is to understand the brief from the client very well, listen to the needs of the client and then apply design principles to solve the problem. Whether we are working in a residential or corporate environment, we like to make every space extremely comfortable and luxurious.”

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