JUDY DE VILLIERS & ABRI DE VILLIERS COMPANY OWNERS A husband and wife team, Abri de Villiers Architects and JDV Interior Designers have your structural and décor needs sorted.   What is Abri de Villiers Architects’ design philosophy? To be honest, practical and new, while respecting architecture, construction principles, the environment and our clients’ requirements. How would you describe JDV Interior Designers’ design philosophy? I create ultra-luxurious spaces for diverse clients and for all types of activities. What sets Abri de Villiers Architects apart from others in the industry? We design and build projects. Therefore the design process only concludes when the construction of the building is completed. And the client is part of the process from beginning to end. What is the first thing JDV Interior Designers likes to do when meeting with new clients? I listen very clearly to what the clients’ needs are because the project is their project and I am there to incorporate their ideas with good interior design. When designing, what does Abri de Villiers Architects keep in mind regarding the project as a whole? Somebody must live or work in the building I design and build, so it’s my responsibility as a designer and builder to make sure the inhabitants relate to the building. When it comes to interiors, does JDV Interior Designers feel people are still very trend-driven, or is there a move towards developing personal taste and style? I definitely feel it’s a bit of both – we get inspired by trends, but when it comes to a client’s personal space they tend to have their own style and add trend ideas and items to it. Trends aside, what is the one thing you’d like readers to take on board when decorating? Be brave, use your own style and build from there. That’s where your uniqueness lies. What is Abri de Villiers Architects’ stance on the future of eco-friendly building and design in South Africa? Eco-friendly design has always been important in the design of buildings. The concept isn’t new – maybe a little forgotten in the past. By using simple principles, like orientation, shading and ventilation, the designer can design eco-friendly buildings that would not have a major influence on the budget. The challenge in South Africa is not to focus on the green aspects that the high-end buildings allow, but to design all buildings to be eco-friendly. This is a major challenge as a big portion of our population still burn fuel for heating and cooking. For JDV Interior Designers, good design is … a well-proportioned space, sufficient contrast in texture and colour and knowing when the design is complete, not to over-design … “Be brave, use your own style and build from there. That’s where your uniqueness lies.” – Judy de Villiers BROUGHT TO YOU BY Contacts: Abri de Villiers Architects: 013 656 3705, 082 9210 593, abri@advarch.co.za JDV Interior Designers: 072 612 2014, info@jdvinterior.co.za, www.jdvinterior.co.za

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